Hey! Today is another day for another book review. A while ago I did a poll on twitter asking you guys what would you like to see on my blog more this year, and one of the answers was more book reviews! And I can tell you that more of them are coming! Some of… Continue reading FOOD WASTE PHILOSOPHY // Book review



Starting this with SUCH a weird title, I know but bare with me, it will be a weird blog post as I will be talking about my favourite conspiracies Shane Dawson has talked about. I have no idea if I ever mentioned how much I love conspiracy theories and the fact that two-three years ago… Continue reading QUESTIONING EVERYTHING??


So last month was… A month. Literally I didn’t buy anything new if talking about makeup or skincare as it was just a month I was too lazy to put on makeup and I still have the same skin care products I have mentioned in blog posts posted ages ago! I am going to try… Continue reading JANUARY FAVOURITES // Lifestyle

PENPALS & ME // Hobbies

Hello! As far as I can remember, I always wanted to write this kind of a blog post. You may find it weird, you may find it really amazing but today I’m talking about penpals! First of, what is a penpal exactly? It’s basically someone with who you exchange letters! For me, it goes all… Continue reading PENPALS & ME // Hobbies

WHERE WAS I?? // New year plans and more

Hello!! No, I’m not dead yet. You thought, hahah! But really, where was I? Well, the answer is actually extremely simple… ~procrastinating with an excuse called homework~. But I’m back! Hopefully. So, I’ve got some plans but I have this fear to share them if I will for some reason won’t make them come true…… Continue reading WHERE WAS I?? // New year plans and more

CHRISTMAS MOVIES // Blogmas 2018

Hello! As it is turning into a tradition of this blog, I will share some Christmas movies with all of you! Although this year it has a little twist on it! I won’t be sharing MY favourite Christmas movies, I will be sharing the movies, that some of my friends and followers on Instagram as… Continue reading CHRISTMAS MOVIES // Blogmas 2018