lockdown, online school, stress. help??

one of the most difficult things (or, for some, one of the best things) that came with the lockdown, is school being put completely into a virtual space, online. this has and still is causing so many troubles and struggles for all of the students out there, i am no exception.
it’s truly hard to manage everything on your own in one space and not go nuts. i’ve been studying online everyday, five days a week, at home, for almost 4 whole months now. and honestly, sick is an understatement at this point.
i get it. in the beginning it’s all about ‘oh it’s fun, it’s great, more free time, and you can even sleep longer!! amazing!’ but these four months are just too much. too much of not seeing my classmates, too much of studying on my own, because somehow teachers just aren’t capable of giving us straight up information and notes of the lessons, there’s been too much time spent studying over night because of the enormous amounts of homework and don’t even get me started on finding time to do the things you love, hobbies, and ACTUAL free time. like, completely free time during which you can do whatever you want. for me that’s just the time i spent sleeping at night.
you know, i always thought to do lists are amazing to keep you up with all the tasks you have, assignments, work in general. but when it comes to the point when you have to do your to do lists for every hour AND minute of the day, turns out they are just another pile of excess stress and anxiety which leads to avoiding the actual work you have.
now, i’ll stop talking about the bad stuff, i know my annoyance won’t stop the pandemic or online schooling but i just want you to draw the idea of what teenagers’ lives have been looking like for the past x months. it’s emotionally and mentally draining, but we have no other point than to push through and find ways to deal with it.

so what can you do to make the learning process a bit less stressful and maybe a tiny bit more enjoyable or more effective? well, i’ve got you covered, at least a tiny bit.

i’ve been going through different routines, ways to be the most productive i can be during the day, but everything just turns out to be another failed try. and that leads me to making a conclusion that we put too much pressure on ourselves to be productive, to give all of us, do all the tasks in x hours, days. i think you’ll agree that the lockdown has had a huge impact on more a) diet culture advertisements and b) ‘productivity is the best thing in your life, you need it so much and if you aren’t productive, well, fix that’. and that’s such a toxic mindset. we live in a pandemic, a global pandemic, productivity is in the list of things you should care the least about. you’re here, you’re pushing through, that’s enough.
but i know that’s not convincing enough. as it isn’t for me either. soooo what do we do? i think we need to learn to allow ourselves and not aim for perfection at all times. as we are studying in our home space, it’s already difficult to separate our personal lives and school so we end up studying the whole day. let it be homework, online classes or even the same studying topics on your own. while we aim for perfection, sacrifice all of the time during the day we have to studying, let’s let ourselves do 90% instead of 100%. let’s not push ourselves to the edges. it will be hard in the beginning, but know that you are still doing the work, you’re still learning. but you’re just taking care of yourself at the same time by understanding that perfection isn’t that healthy when you look at it like that.

find the exact reason why you are feeling how you’re feeling. especially if it’s the, so called, ‘bad’ emotions. either stress, anxiety, panic or anything in between. finding the cause of these emotions can help you find ways to deal with it. let’s say i’m sitting with my to do list in front of me and i’m so overwhelmed and stressed. these emotions lead me to not doing any of the work and stressing over it for the next few hours when i finally see i have absolutely no time to do the tons of work i planned to do. now, what’s causing me stress? it’s clearly the overload of work. that’s why i’m avoiding it. because there’s too much, and seeing such a long list of tasks makes me anxious and afraid of actually doing anything. so what can i do to fix this? i like to do this ‘technique’ when you start with your biggest task, which in this case, probs makes me the most anxious, and move on to smaller and smaller tasks. unbuckling the biggest tasks first helps me to be motivated to do the rest of the tasks, and usually, the smaller tasks are the ones i enjoy doing.

TRY to fix your sleep schedule and actually go outside through the day at least for a minute or two, or just move a bit in your room every half an hour or so during your working hours. i put a lot of emphasis on the word ‘try’. just because nothing happens overnight. and not everyday is a good, happy day, and that’s okay. just trying to find time for yourself during the day is amazing. let it be a few minutes outside, or even in your balcony if you have one, just breathe some fresh air. once you actually make this into a habit, it will be so much more enjoyable to spend half an hour outside, an hour or more. it helps you to clear your head and get back in focus with your work and it boosts your mood. also it’s great for your health to move a bit after sitting for hours and hours in front of a laptop. i know it’s hard to get yourself out there when you have a crap ton of work, it’s stressful to even think about leaving your work space to… go outside??? naaah. but like, please do. please go outside. it’s so good for you and the work you have to do at home goes so much smoother after you actually learn to take breaks in between sessions of learning, studying or doing any kind of other work. so yeah, breaks. take breaks.
sleep schedule can be a complicated one because i’m aware a lot of people just can’t get themselves to bed before midnight and wake up before 8 am, but even if you stay up late, make sure you’re not doing any kind of work after midnight. make this a priority. i, for myself, know, that even if i do something after midnight, i’ll either do it completely wrong or i’ll forget all of the information i studied/revised at night, right when i wake up. so now if i have work i haven’t done yet and it’s past 10pm (yup, i’m in bed by 11pm), i just don’t do it. i call it a day and go to sleep, because i understand that sleep quality sets the tone for the next day, it affects my mood and my work quality for the next day, so i’d better sleep good and feel amazing the next day than stay up doing an assignment, stressing about it, not getting enough sleep, failing that assignment because my brain has already shut off at that hour and on top of that, feeling like crap the next day. so i hope now you get the idea of how much more sleep is important than that one or two assignments you just couldn’t do that day.

there are many more ways to deal with the emotions going through you during this time, i highly recommend also talking to your friends, just keeping that connection even virtually because that’s what keeps most of us going and finding hope and that light in the end of the tunnel that maybe this will be over soon.
i hope my tips and somewhat advice will somehow help you or come in handy in any shape or form, i just hope you can re-learn how to feel human again, how to feel happy and experience joy in everyday, not just anxiety, stress, sadness and etc.
we’re in this together, and we can push through it together. i know it!

stay strong, stay safe,

it’s 2021 and here are some lessons last year taught me

i won’t be lying when i say that whole social media is filled with recaps of last year, goals for this year and tons of other ‘new year stuff’. well, i, too, have stuff to say haha. i won’t be recaping last year or bringing back all of the good and bad it had but i do want to talk about the lessons i, personally, learnt during the year of 2020.
it was a lot to take in and to handle but we all managed. some had it better, some had it worse, but we all got through it and i know that this year won’t be any miracle and it will still be full of struggles and restrictions and etc. but i hope we can all work towards a happier, more positive self this year. last year was tough, it definitely was hard and challenging, so let’s let ourselves relax and just vibe with it this year and grow, smile, keep the safe distance and love ourselves.
moving on, what did i actually learn last year? well, quite a lot. last year was a roller coaster for me, i truly had so many low moments and equally as many good moments.
you always come first. that’s something i realized when the first ‘wave’ of covid hit. i had so much free time which ended up just me overthinking all of the little things and belittling myself that i got so tired of my own mind. in summer i realized i’m so much more than what i look like. and no matter what, i am the only one i have at the end of the day and because of that, taking time for myself, saying no, putting myself first isn’t selfish, it’s normal. you are your own priority, and that’s not a bad thing. it’s healthy and it’s much needed, you are worthy of your own time and putting yourself first isn’t a sin.
numbers aren’t everything. now the thing i’m focusing on here is social media, engagement, following. some of you may know i released a book in august, ebook about self love which is such an important thing to me and this book was the best thing i created and published in my whole life up until now. i thought it will gain a very big interest and lots of people will read it. the truth is that not a single person read it until christmas when quite a lot of people ordered it. so the whole time after releasing my book i was angry at myself, disappointed in myself because the numbers weren’t the same i imagined they will be. but that’s okay! i learned that the thing that matters is doing what i love. and i loved every single second of working on my book, drawing sketches for its pages, going through it again and again, promoting it. i loved it so so much and i would do it again without a doubt! remember, numbers do not define your efforts, your value, your life, you as a person.
on the same note, numbers on the scale aren’t what your life depends on. i still struggle with it. i do. and it’s hard to believe my own words when i say it. but the scale is nothing compared to what you are as a person. the scale doesn’t show how amazing and incredible you are, how much you are capable of and all of the good stuff. to be honest, i know i preach this, but i do struggle with numbers on the scale. that’s why one of my goals for this year is to work with myself, reach out, start my recovery journey from toxic eating habits, toxic mindset i have towards food and excessive exercising. everything is possible and i believe i can do it! so can you! numbers aren’t what your life is built on, what matters are the memories you create, the moments you will remember till the end of your life!
appreciate every single moment, live every day like it’s your last, tell your friends you love them, hug your family. i know i’m not the only one who had to deal with a loss of family member last year and my heart goes to every single one of you who went through this or are going through this. i know it’s hard, it’s hearbreaking but everything will soon be fine, it gets better. after that experience i found faith, i started believing everything happens for a reason and i believe God has a plan for every single one of us. i learned to live in the moment, appreciate my life, live to the fullest especially in the times we live in now. i started saying ‘i love you’ more often, hugging my family more (because i can’t hug nor see my friends because of lockdown). i realized how short the life of a human is and how quickly it can end. how easy it is to ruin everything. so please take this year to say ‘i love you’s more often, to say thank you, to say ‘have a great day’ to a cashier in the grocery shop. take this year to grow as a person, trust in your own powers, manifest your goals and ideas. everything is possible at the end of the day if you really want it!

what are some thing 2020 taught you? please share them in the comments!

take care and stay safe

lockdown & mental health

I think mental health and self care has been all over the social medias, and personally, I love that. Especially during the times we’re living now. I know we are all probably sick to the bones with the news, statistics and restrictions, but today I want to remind you to take care of yourself, and how you can do that safely, at home. Your mental health matters, you are important, and as much as I would want to tell you to take care of yourself because YOU matter, I am sure it wouldn’t hit you the way I’d hope it did.

Not to be selfish, but I feel like I have to address the fact, that you are not alone. Even for me, it has been hard, it has been challenging, and not gonna lie, I’ve been very out of myself recently (is that how you phrase it??), I just haven’t felt the best, I feel like I’m not ‘the main character’ in my life anymore, ya know? So I feel the responsibility to just share some tips I found all across the internet that may be even a little help to you, share my emotions and feelings I’ve felt and still feel, and just tell you that, hey, you are not alone, it is okay to not feel okay. We’re living in a pandemic, it is (and has always been) okay, not to feel okay.

One thing that has had a huge impact on my emotional stability (?? sounds weird when I put it like that haha) is social media, and limiting the time I spend scrolling on Instagram, espeeeecially Instagram. When was it? I guess after my birthday, I started shifting off of my social medias bit by bit. It feels great just because I don’t feel attached to it as much, even though it has been only a week of restricting Instagram on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I still scroll through it quite a lot, but not sharing my life as much and just taking a break from engaging with the people that follow me has been sooo good. I now realized why a lot of more known content creators take breaks from social media from time time.

If that’s not ideal to you or it just doesn’t feel like a right thing to do, try unfollowing accounts, that don’t scream joy and happiness to you and rather than staying with negativity, try searching for more positivity-filled accounts. When you take in account the fact that technologies and internet is where we spend daily quite a lot of our time on, I think the only right thing to do is to enjoy it, charge ourselves with positive thoughts, happiness, hope, not negativity, hatred and sadness, right??

Also, another thing that has been quite life changing during the last few months is getting enough sleep. Right, online classes, chores, physical activity, I have a ton of things to do during the day and sometimes it honestly felt like 24 hours isn’t enough to do everything in time, but something switched and I started prioritizing my health. And thaaat’s when it all changed. That’s when I started managing my time (if any of you are interested, I would be more than happy to share my tips on time management, so let me know if that’s something you’d like to know!) like a pro and that’s when I (somehow) managed to fix my sleeping schedule and now I honestly can’t do anything once it’s my bed time. Sleep equals happy mindset to me, and during the lockdown that’s all that matters to me.

Besides all of that, taking breaks, chilling out, enjoying a great meal or a (safe) walk in the nature is so important to keep us sane. I can’t stress this enough, but quarantine isn’t the time for you to lose weight, it doesn’t mean you have to be productive all the time, it especially doesn’t mean that you have to do everything you see others doing on the internet. We live in a pandemic and the most important thing you can do is stay safe, take care of yourself and your mental health. This is a dark time, so reach out if you need to, because I know it can be hard. But we’ll get through it. The world needs you, so please please drink water, eat enough food, don’t forget to relax and wash your hands && wear a mask!!

We’ll get through this together!!

A big virtual hug,


I wrote an ebook! | Positivity, self-love

Hi! It’s been a while since I last talked to you, almost a month, to be exact. Feels like forever!!

To put it all short, I have been working on some projects. One of them, ~drum roll~, is my ebook!! Ah, it feels so good to finally be able and talk about it!

As some of you, my Lithuanian readers, may know, I wrote a book two years ago (feels like yesterday!), but looking back at it, it was such a flop. It was kind of a book about my dreams but, how do I say it, a terrible version of it. I didn’t even re-read it or edited it after I finished it. That’s how bad it was.

I never ever imagined I would be saying it, but I wrote a second one. This time it’s an ebook and it’s about a topic I’m really passionate about. It’s all about self-love, self-growth, and some bits and pieces about our unrealistic society, standards, and all of that not-so-great stuff. It’s kind of like a dialogue between me and you, or maybe a monologue, I don’t really know hahaha.

Anyway, how did this idea even cross my mind? This year I made a goal to be more positive on my social media, on the internet, and just be a more positive person. I really started working on bettering myself in 2019 so I just wanted to step up my game this year even more. I think the biggest part of my work is mostly on my Instagram (@faustantica) and about 5-6 months into 2020, it also sneaked into my blog.

During the quarantine, I found myself lacking positivity, lacking motivation and love for myself, lacking basically all of the good stuff and so was pretty much everyone around me. Because of this, I wanted to do something big and something that would help me and others grow. Something that would be comforting and help even a tiny bit. Thus, I chose to write another book.

Let me tell you, the idea of doing it was terrifying. I’ve been avoiding any writing longer than a blog post or an essay since I wrote my first book. It wasn’t easy but the thought of me helping even one person out in this world was enough to help me make up my mind.

And now, here we are. I wrote a book and I’m incredibly proud of it. It definitely isn’t a masterpiece, it definitely isn’t the best ebook out on the internet, but it is a part of me, and that for me, is something to be so proud and happy about.

I want to help people, I want to make this world a better place, I want to work towards a better me and a better tomorrow. Self-growth and self-love are things I swear by, things I preach about ever since I learned them.

If this book will bring joy, happiness, or positivity to even one person, then all of the work was worth it. Then I succeeded in my mission and I could not be happier about it.

I hope we can all find love in this world, learn to love ourselves and appreciate our lives, and our bodies.

Don’t forget that you are amazing and incredible just as you are and the world and I love you for you.

Biggest, warmest hugs,


You can purchase my book by clicking the link below:


Fausta Kairytė


Hiiii! How are you feeling? How are you actuallyĀ doing? I, myself, am on a teeny tiny vacay as I’m writing this and it is insaaanely amazing here!

Today I want to talk (and please feel free to tell your thoughts on this in the comments) about the feeling of the right moment to do something, to say something or whatever it is. Is there actuallyĀ  the right moment for anything?

I always hear people saying “Oh it may be the wrong time” or “It isn’t the right time” or anything like that. The gut feeling most of the time is correct for most of us, but I believe sometimes it is just worth going for it no matter what the timing is.

You may end up pushing and pushing something off, reschedulling it over and over again untill it feels like the right time, the right moment or you can end up not even feeling the right moment for doing something at all…

For the past year, I think, I’ve been swearing by the “living in the moment” phrase, I think it is suuuch a good one and it really makes you change your perspective on the day-to-day life as well as your whole lifestyle basically. With that saaaid, I just kind of want you to give this idea – what if the right time never comes? Would you be willing to do something you’ve wanted for a long (or maybe even the shortest) time without waiting forĀ the right moment?

Sometimes life isn’t about planning, sticking to your plan, there are days when you just gotta make choices on the go and you never know,Ā  maybe the decision you make on the spot will change your life.

Right moment might never come but it shouldn’t stop you from living your bestest life!



JUNE BOOK WRAP UP! | H. Murakami, J.K. Rowling and R. Riordan

Hiii! June is basically over already and my mind can’t process this fact no matter how hard it tries. It feels like the world is turning on the highest pace, and I’m still stuck somewhere in the middle of January ahah.

Reading Kafka on the shore by H. Murakami on the beach!~

No matter what, time is ticking and today I want to share with you three books I read during June. I set a goal for myself to read from 10 to 15 books during summer aaand I set a goal to read 50 books this year. Sadly, June hasn’t been very great with books to me and with reading but that’s okay! Better less than nothing, right??

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

I knooow, it sounds crazy but I only started reading Harry Potter about two years ago. I haven’t seen any of the Harry Potter films YET. I promised myself to read the books first hahah! But honestly, how come I never read Harry Potter earlier?? It is SO good.

For me, this Harry Potter book is my favourite out of all (I still have the last one left). It just was so good, I loved the plot and aaahh, I would gladly read it again and again. I love J.K.Rowling’s writing style and how she put together all the books. I lovelovelove it.

Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief by R. Riordan

The Percy Jackson book series have been on my must-read list for sooo long now!! I wanted to start reading them for at least a year now but always delayed it for later, when I had more free time and that time finally came!

The main reason why I wanted to read this was because I am really interested about Greek mythology and all of the Greek gods. I don’t know when exactly the curiosity about it hit me but after picking up and going through this book I realized that I looove it!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I also realized that R. Riordan’s writing style, at least in this book, is quite similar to J.K. Rowling’s writing in Harry Potter and I really don’t know if I liked that. It just felt like he was trying to copy the story line but instead of wizarding world he tried to use Greek mythology for that. But it might just be me hahah.

Other than that, this book was really interesting and amazing in its own way so I am full of excitment to read the rest of the books from this series.

If you, like me, are interested in Greek mythology and just fantasy genre books, I highly recommend reading this book!

Kafka on the shore by H. Murakami

I’m still reading this book but I thought I would share my thoughts on it anyways. Who knows me, knows how much I adore H. Murakami’s books, I think they are absolutely amazing and unique as I have never read anything like his books or even anything similar to his books. I love how he questions the existential things throughout the books and twists the story line with them.

This book is just like his others, but not quite. I’ve read I thiiiink 6 or 7 of his books and loved every single one of them, but this one has something different in it.

Reading it feels like taking an unsolved case or a huge inverted puzzle and trying to put all the pieces together so they have a meaning and connection. I’m reading the 11th chapter at the moment and finally it seems like slowly but surely everything is connecting together.

H. Murakami always keeps his books mysterious but so interesting to read and I find it so incredibly amazing and extraordinary! If you haven’t read any of his books, please do, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!!

And that’s all. I hope you enjoyed reading through my thoughts about these three books. Let me know if you would want to see more posts about books I’ve read or a post with my must-read book list or anyyything book related!

Warmest social distanced hugs,



Hiiii! I recently came across a few (well, across a lot, to be honest) IGTVs about diet culture on social media and how it has gotten even worse during the last four-five-ish months and I just feel the uuuurge to talk about it too. I am so aware of the fact that a ton of people are talking about it but the message has to be spread and it has to reach as many people as possible, and, the companies accountable for these things which I will get to in a minute.

Firstly let’s just clear things out on what even is diet culture? Well, it’s just basically idealising a certain body type, body weight and body image for people of all ages on social media and promising how losing a bit of weight will make you happy, successful and oh, don’t forget the perfect mental health you will have! BS to say the least.

After becoming conscious and aware of the fact that diet culture exists, let me just tell you, it gets really scary seeing ads about diets, weightloss and all of the numbers about the whole weightloss thing, and it is even scarier how common they are.

As someone who has struggled and still struggles with body image, self confidence and self love, it is truly heartbreaking to keep seeing ads of different UNHEALHTY ways to lose weight, change myself to please others, that easily trigger eating disorders and not only them. These are just straight up lies. your weight does not defy you. the numbers on the scale do not defy you. you are more than you think you may be, you are amazing, incredible and it is so wonderful that this world has you.

I believe that we shouldn’t be surrounded by ANYONE who is attacking us emotionally and mentally because of our insecurities. We shouldn’t be surrounded by anyone trying to stop us from loving ourselves. It is just wrong in every way possible. And toxic. Unhealthy.

Diet culture needs to stop now, more people need to talk about it and help those, who need it. It is 21st century and it is really sad how still a lot of people feel insecure, blame themselves and try to change themselves in the most unhealthy ways just to fit into the “standarts”.

Let’s break ’em standarts all together, spread love, spread positivity, self confidence and be kind to our minds!!

with the biggest, warmest love,




Hi! It feels so weird to post a blog post at this time, when so much is happening in the world. It kind of feels… not right to do this? But at the same time it almost feels like it’s the BEST time to do this?? I have no idea and it probably shows hahah!

I really want my blog to be a safe place to everyone, no matter who you are, where you come from and especially, no matter how you look. I believe that everyone is unique, stunning and soso amazing in their own special way. You are welcome here any and every time!

Aaaaanyway, now moving to the actual topic of today’s blog post – a topic which I wanted to talk about for actual foreeeever. Somehow it just never felt the right time, I always missed the perfect moment and so it just happened that I’m only talking about it now.

Mental health itself is suuuch a huge topic and it is really hard to talk about it not only for me, but I believe for a lot of people too. What I want to clarify today is that you are so valid and you are enough just as you are.

It is really hearbreaking how still a lot of people don’t get the support they need, the help they seek out for and just, general understanding. During this time, i.e. lockdown/quarantine, I really started struggling with my feelings, getting into old, really unhealthy habits and filling my head with disgusting thoughts all about body image, self hatred and aaaall of that.

Being alone, without friends or all in all, just people around you. It is REEEEALLY hard, challenging and nerve-wrecking, it really triggers all of your thoughts and, at least for me, it makes you question ~absolutely~ everything. Which is most of the time, unhealthy for ya own mind.

I just want to encourage you not to stay quiet. Face time an old friend, have a virtual party or do something that makes you happy. It’s the simple things in life that keep most of us going and weirdly, they are the ones we usually forget about.

you are incredible, you are amazing, you are loved and you are enough, no matter what. i love you with all my heart and so does the world!Ā 

with the warmest, social distanced hug,