I wrote an ebook! | Positivity, self-love

Hi! It’s been a while since I last talked to you, almost a month, to be exact. Feels like forever!!

To put it all short, I have been working on some projects. One of them, ~drum roll~, is my ebook!! Ah, it feels so good to finally be able and talk about it!

As some of you, my Lithuanian readers, may know, I wrote a book two years ago (feels like yesterday!), but looking back at it, it was such a flop. It was kind of a book about my dreams but, how do I say it, a terrible version of it. I didn’t even re-read it or edited it after I finished it. That’s how bad it was.

I never ever imagined I would be saying it, but I wrote a second one. This time it’s an ebook and it’s about a topic I’m really passionate about. It’s all about self-love, self-growth, and some bits and pieces about our unrealistic society, standards, and all of that not-so-great stuff. It’s kind of like a dialogue between me and you, or maybe a monologue, I don’t really know hahaha.

Anyway, how did this idea even cross my mind? This year I made a goal to be more positive on my social media, on the internet, and just be a more positive person. I really started working on bettering myself in 2019 so I just wanted to step up my game this year even more. I think the biggest part of my work is mostly on my Instagram (@faustantica) and about 5-6 months into 2020, it also sneaked into my blog.

During the quarantine, I found myself lacking positivity, lacking motivation and love for myself, lacking basically all of the good stuff and so was pretty much everyone around me. Because of this, I wanted to do something big and something that would help me and others grow. Something that would be comforting and help even a tiny bit. Thus, I chose to write another book.

Let me tell you, the idea of doing it was terrifying. I’ve been avoiding any writing longer than a blog post or an essay since I wrote my first book. It wasn’t easy but the thought of me helping even one person out in this world was enough to help me make up my mind.

And now, here we are. I wrote a book and I’m incredibly proud of it. It definitely isn’t a masterpiece, it definitely isn’t the best ebook out on the internet, but it is a part of me, and that for me, is something to be so proud and happy about.

I want to help people, I want to make this world a better place, I want to work towards a better me and a better tomorrow. Self-growth and self-love are things I swear by, things I preach about ever since I learned them.

If this book will bring joy, happiness, or positivity to even one person, then all of the work was worth it. Then I succeeded in my mission and I could not be happier about it.

I hope we can all find love in this world, learn to love ourselves and appreciate our lives, and our bodies.

Don’t forget that you are amazing and incredible just as you are and the world and I love you for you.

Biggest, warmest hugs,


You can purchase my book by clicking the link below:


Fausta Kairytė


Hiiii! How are you feeling? How are you actually doing? I, myself, am on a teeny tiny vacay as I’m writing this and it is insaaanely amazing here!

Today I want to talk (and please feel free to tell your thoughts on this in the comments) about the feeling of the right moment to do something, to say something or whatever it is. Is there actually  the right moment for anything?

I always hear people saying “Oh it may be the wrong time” or “It isn’t the right time” or anything like that. The gut feeling most of the time is correct for most of us, but I believe sometimes it is just worth going for it no matter what the timing is.

You may end up pushing and pushing something off, reschedulling it over and over again untill it feels like the right time, the right moment or you can end up not even feeling the right moment for doing something at all…

For the past year, I think, I’ve been swearing by the “living in the moment” phrase, I think it is suuuch a good one and it really makes you change your perspective on the day-to-day life as well as your whole lifestyle basically. With that saaaid, I just kind of want you to give this idea – what if the right time never comes? Would you be willing to do something you’ve wanted for a long (or maybe even the shortest) time without waiting for the right moment?

Sometimes life isn’t about planning, sticking to your plan, there are days when you just gotta make choices on the go and you never know,  maybe the decision you make on the spot will change your life.

Right moment might never come but it shouldn’t stop you from living your bestest life!



JUNE BOOK WRAP UP! | H. Murakami, J.K. Rowling and R. Riordan

Hiii! June is basically over already and my mind can’t process this fact no matter how hard it tries. It feels like the world is turning on the highest pace, and I’m still stuck somewhere in the middle of January ahah.

Reading Kafka on the shore by H. Murakami on the beach!~

No matter what, time is ticking and today I want to share with you three books I read during June. I set a goal for myself to read from 10 to 15 books during summer aaand I set a goal to read 50 books this year. Sadly, June hasn’t been very great with books to me and with reading but that’s okay! Better less than nothing, right??

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

I knooow, it sounds crazy but I only started reading Harry Potter about two years ago. I haven’t seen any of the Harry Potter films YET. I promised myself to read the books first hahah! But honestly, how come I never read Harry Potter earlier?? It is SO good.

For me, this Harry Potter book is my favourite out of all (I still have the last one left). It just was so good, I loved the plot and aaahh, I would gladly read it again and again. I love J.K.Rowling’s writing style and how she put together all the books. I lovelovelove it.

Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief by R. Riordan

The Percy Jackson book series have been on my must-read list for sooo long now!! I wanted to start reading them for at least a year now but always delayed it for later, when I had more free time and that time finally came!

The main reason why I wanted to read this was because I am really interested about Greek mythology and all of the Greek gods. I don’t know when exactly the curiosity about it hit me but after picking up and going through this book I realized that I looove it!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I also realized that R. Riordan’s writing style, at least in this book, is quite similar to J.K. Rowling’s writing in Harry Potter and I really don’t know if I liked that. It just felt like he was trying to copy the story line but instead of wizarding world he tried to use Greek mythology for that. But it might just be me hahah.

Other than that, this book was really interesting and amazing in its own way so I am full of excitment to read the rest of the books from this series.

If you, like me, are interested in Greek mythology and just fantasy genre books, I highly recommend reading this book!

Kafka on the shore by H. Murakami

I’m still reading this book but I thought I would share my thoughts on it anyways. Who knows me, knows how much I adore H. Murakami’s books, I think they are absolutely amazing and unique as I have never read anything like his books or even anything similar to his books. I love how he questions the existential things throughout the books and twists the story line with them.

This book is just like his others, but not quite. I’ve read I thiiiink 6 or 7 of his books and loved every single one of them, but this one has something different in it.

Reading it feels like taking an unsolved case or a huge inverted puzzle and trying to put all the pieces together so they have a meaning and connection. I’m reading the 11th chapter at the moment and finally it seems like slowly but surely everything is connecting together.

H. Murakami always keeps his books mysterious but so interesting to read and I find it so incredibly amazing and extraordinary! If you haven’t read any of his books, please do, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!!

And that’s all. I hope you enjoyed reading through my thoughts about these three books. Let me know if you would want to see more posts about books I’ve read or a post with my must-read book list or anyyything book related!

Warmest social distanced hugs,



Hiiii! I recently came across a few (well, across a lot, to be honest) IGTVs about diet culture on social media and how it has gotten even worse during the last four-five-ish months and I just feel the uuuurge to talk about it too. I am so aware of the fact that a ton of people are talking about it but the message has to be spread and it has to reach as many people as possible, and, the companies accountable for these things which I will get to in a minute.

Firstly let’s just clear things out on what even is diet culture? Well, it’s just basically idealising a certain body type, body weight and body image for people of all ages on social media and promising how losing a bit of weight will make you happy, successful and oh, don’t forget the perfect mental health you will have! BS to say the least.

After becoming conscious and aware of the fact that diet culture exists, let me just tell you, it gets really scary seeing ads about diets, weightloss and all of the numbers about the whole weightloss thing, and it is even scarier how common they are.

As someone who has struggled and still struggles with body image, self confidence and self love, it is truly heartbreaking to keep seeing ads of different UNHEALHTY ways to lose weight, change myself to please others, that easily trigger eating disorders and not only them. These are just straight up lies. your weight does not defy you. the numbers on the scale do not defy you. you are more than you think you may be, you are amazing, incredible and it is so wonderful that this world has you.

I believe that we shouldn’t be surrounded by ANYONE who is attacking us emotionally and mentally because of our insecurities. We shouldn’t be surrounded by anyone trying to stop us from loving ourselves. It is just wrong in every way possible. And toxic. Unhealthy.

Diet culture needs to stop now, more people need to talk about it and help those, who need it. It is 21st century and it is really sad how still a lot of people feel insecure, blame themselves and try to change themselves in the most unhealthy ways just to fit into the “standarts”.

Let’s break ’em standarts all together, spread love, spread positivity, self confidence and be kind to our minds!!

with the biggest, warmest love,




Hi! It feels so weird to post a blog post at this time, when so much is happening in the world. It kind of feels… not right to do this? But at the same time it almost feels like it’s the BEST time to do this?? I have no idea and it probably shows hahah!

I really want my blog to be a safe place to everyone, no matter who you are, where you come from and especially, no matter how you look. I believe that everyone is unique, stunning and soso amazing in their own special way. You are welcome here any and every time!

Aaaaanyway, now moving to the actual topic of today’s blog post – a topic which I wanted to talk about for actual foreeeever. Somehow it just never felt the right time, I always missed the perfect moment and so it just happened that I’m only talking about it now.

Mental health itself is suuuch a huge topic and it is really hard to talk about it not only for me, but I believe for a lot of people too. What I want to clarify today is that you are so valid and you are enough just as you are.

It is really hearbreaking how still a lot of people don’t get the support they need, the help they seek out for and just, general understanding. During this time, i.e. lockdown/quarantine, I really started struggling with my feelings, getting into old, really unhealthy habits and filling my head with disgusting thoughts all about body image, self hatred and aaaall of that.

Being alone, without friends or all in all, just people around you. It is REEEEALLY hard, challenging and nerve-wrecking, it really triggers all of your thoughts and, at least for me, it makes you question ~absolutely~ everything. Which is most of the time, unhealthy for ya own mind.

I just want to encourage you not to stay quiet. Face time an old friend, have a virtual party or do something that makes you happy. It’s the simple things in life that keep most of us going and weirdly, they are the ones we usually forget about.

you are incredible, you are amazing, you are loved and you are enough, no matter what. i love you with all my heart and so does the world! 

with the warmest, social distanced hug,



Hello you beautiful bunch!! I hope you’re safe and healthy and not going as crazy as I am during this lockdown hahah. 

As some of you may now, I roll through life ~screaming~ positivity. It somehow became just my kind of thing and a message I feel responsible to spread around. And honestly, it makes me feel incredible to be able to share positive messages, my own experience and just remind you how amazing you truly are. 

Anyway, today I’m going to share with you how I learned to find happiness in honestly everything and look out for positivity everywhere I go. Of course, not everyday is full of rainbows and unicorns, I do have some days when I feel down, stressed or just not in the mood and that is perfectly normal!! I just want you to not feel like that all the time!~ 

My journey to find happiness began with an extremely toxic friendship. I think I was unaware at that time of how toxic and unhealthy it was, so I stuck with it for I think three years. It was filled with me having really bad breakdowns, sad thoughts and absolute self hatred which still peeks out at me once in a while. Long long story short – I decided to cut out this person of my life and move on, start a new life, kind of. 

It still amazes me how such friendships, I mean really unhealthy ones, can lead to such a positive change in life. I think after ending a friendship, your recovery after that can go in two very different ways – really bad or really good. For me it was really difficult in the beginning but I just tried to keep the struggle to myself and honestly just ~fake it till you make it~. And it worked! I eventually healed mentally and started enjoying every day of my life. 

I think I would be in such a different place if I hadn’t gone through that friendship. Now life is incredible, I love little details, time with family and friends is absolutely amazing and I am just happier in general. 

It is really hard to move on after harsh experiences, harsh times and all the not-so-great stuff but I promise you, time heals, you will get better without a doubt, it just takes a ton of mindful time and patience. With the right mindset, right people surrounding you, everything is possible. 

If you ever went through a break up, ending a friendship, please please please know that you shouldn’t blame yourself. You don’t have to take full responsibility for what happened and I swear, closing one door means another one opens, full of new adventures, new experiences, new places and new people. It is going to be a whole new chapter of life and I promise you, it will be a great one! 

Changing your mindset is key to living a new life and I am so incredibly happy to be in a place I am now, I couldn’t be happier, honestly!! To anyone who is struggling right now – I know it’s hard, I know how you might feel. You can always reach out to your loved ones, talk everything out or write in a diary. It helps to understand your thoughts and find answers to your own questions. Better times are coming, you just have to wait a bit more! Squeeze that smile of yours, it looks absolutely stunning on you!

Biggest and warmest virtual hug,



Well, hello there! Long time no see, quite literally!~ It’s been nearly a year since I last talked to you and it is quuuite weird to be back, not gonna lie! Also I hope this time I’m actually back for a long time but we’ll see, right??

Anyhoo~ what’s this one about, you may ask, weeell, let me clear this out real quick! As most of us are in quarantine, I’ve seen a lot of people on social media talking about weight loss, working out, changing up their diets and sharing these absolutely ~incredible~ tips to glow up in time when quarantine is over. 

Let me clarify that I am not, by any means, attacking you if you are one of these people and I really understand your intentions buuuuuut, this one’s for my guys and girls who just feel pressured to change the way they look during this lockdown. You absolutely don’t have to change!!!! This is not the time to get a ~glow up~, we are in actual pandemic and social media should not affect your self confidence! Now, let me tell you why!

The whole ~glow up~ idea spreading around is so SO unrealistic, honestly. It just gives this idea, you could say, that every single one of us has to have perfectly looking skin all the time, snatched hair and a skinny, hourglass body. You do understand this is absolute bs, right?? Social media is so powerful in making these beauty standarts SO high and coming for our confidence, it’s insaaane. 

Also as I’ve already mentioned, beauty standarts. Can we get rid of these already, huh?? It’s 2020 already and there are still people who suffer with tons of disorders just to look like someone they saw on their instagram feed. This shouldn’t be happening and we both know why! Beauty standarts are a bunch of nonsense created by some people. You shouldn’t change a thing about yourself just because someone said that oh, but maybe you shouldn’t do that and do this instead, it will make you skinnier or make you ~fit into the crowd~. Listen, first, if someone ever said this to you, that person is toxic and you should say byeeee, I don’t need you here, and secondly, what does it even mean, fit into the crowd? Look skinnier? What even is skinny nowadays? And oh, summer body what? We absolutely don’t know her! Every single body is summer body and that’s just pure facts!!

Every BODY is so precious and amazing in its own way, I swear!! No matter how you look, how you dress and especially, no matter what others think, you are so beautiful and stunning, I cannot stress this enough! Do whatever you want, you are unstoppable! Work out if you want to do that, eat cleaner if you want to do that, change up your lifestyle ~if you want to do that~. 

I know it is easier to say than to do but honestly, just enjoy yourself. You don’t need to and absolutely don’t have to feel pressured to change yourself, your image and your mindset about yourself! I will repeat this once again, you are amazing and I really mean that!! 

And if you need some more body positivity in your life, here are some stunning people talking about this topic and spreading positivity every single day!

  • @chessiekingg on Instagram (she talks so much on body postivity, it’s amazing!)
  • @mathewlcarter on Instagram (he talks about struggles men face, mental health)
  • @bodyposipanda on Instagram (amazing profile filled with body positivity and more!)
  • @saomaile on TikTok (an amazing girl talking about her experience with eating disorders and sharing her progress in recovery!)
  • @janatiktoks on TikTok (also an amazing girl hyping everyone up and talking about how every body is valid and amazing!)

That is it from me today but I hope to talk to you all soon! You are beautiful, loved and SO incredibly amazing! 

Big virtual hug,


FRANCE part 2 // Travel 2019

Although I already posted a blog post about France, I thought, why not make it a two-part thing? It sounded quite nice so I just went fo rit hahah!~

So in this blog post I will tell you about my playlist while being on the road and some thoughts about Netflix aaaand some movies and series I got to watch during this trip.

I would love to start with my playlist as it was quite a mixed one but I still really enjoyed it. The playlist included both, kpop and our casual pop music so I think it’s great for everyone hah.

  • Niall Horan- Seeing Blind. HoNeStLy I have to ramble about this one. Since I was a 1D fan, after they said goodbye I never actually listened to each member’s solo songs as much but Niall. Oh, Niall. Like, I am obsessed with his songs. And Harry’s but for now, this song is still one of my absolute faves.
  • 5SOS- Youngblood.
  • Lady Gaga- Shallow
  • Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody
  • P!nk- Walk Me Home
  • Imagine Dragons- Zero
  • Ariana Grande- Break Up With Your Girlfriend
  • Ed Sheeran- Friends
  • BTS- Persona (yes the whole album)
  • ATEEZ- Say My Name
  • ATEEZ- Pirate King
  • Mamamoo- gogobebe
  • BLACKPINK- Kill This Love
  • BTS chill playlist (on youtube heheh)

That’s about it for my playlist, it’s quite a mix but I really enjoyed it and still do with some songs. NOoow if going to our next topic – Netflix. I downloaded Netflix like after 3 days of our trip just because I was so bored in the bus and really wanted to try it in general. SO that’s what I did.

If being honest, I really loved the idea of it and how it worked and the display and etc. but I have no idea why, there just weren’t so many movies and TV series I wanted to watch. That was a true let-down but other than that-GREAT!

As I mentioned, I watched quite a few movies and series during the whole time away from my home and they were:

  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – shortly, loved it even though it was quite weird. Absolutely amazed by the great work of all the actors and yeah, just loved the movie and the weird twist to it.
  • Bird Box. NOW. This one is a movie I now call my favourite one. And that happens rarely. Like, this movie is a triller and I’m terrified of such type of movies and we are not even going to talk about horror movies, but for Bird Box I have no idea what happened, I just loved everything in it. And I really recommend you watch it if you haven’t already!
  • Operation Finale. This again is such an amazing movie and it is about WW II. I’m really interested in everything about WW I and WW II so this movie was an eye opener and such a roller coaster, but once again, amazing.
  • Meteor Garden. Chinese drama (?). Honestly WONDERFUL. I am obsessed with asian things so this drama was such an amazing thing to watch and it ended so soon. Gotta see it once again some time soon!

Now for the movies I watched with the help of other resources without Netflix:

  • Sully. A plane crash movie which was quite hard to understand at first and I won’t lie, I may cried for a bit. I don’t know hahah. Really recommend it tho!!
  • Midnight In Paris. Another great movie. A look into the past and also the modern world. Re–co-mmend!!!
  • A Star Is Born.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody.

Aaaand that’s it!! I hope you enjoy and listen/watch any of these things I wrote and tell me what you think about them! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful day/night,